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After over 6 months of meticulous planning and a select partner launch in mid-2019, we are proud to announce the official worldwide partner launch of Be Nimble IT Pty. Ltd. We work with Microsoft Partners who offer the various Microsoft clouds: Public Cloud, Service Provider Cloud, and Private Cloud.

Be Nimble IT works in Partnership with Services Providers and not compete against them. It aims to work along-side its partners to deliver IT projects and services to ease their load in delivering a quality service to their customers and ensuring their valuable employees have the time to grow their experience in newer areas. 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with its Service center in India and operating across three continents including Australia, North America, and Asia we help our partners to realize the full potential of the Microsoft  cloud offerings. Operating with over 20 staff members in all 3 locations, our vision is to help our Partners succeed through our expertise on Cloud and Data Center services.

Be Nimble IT is focused on closing the skills gap for Partners with our professional expertise on Public Cloud including Azure, Office365, Microsoft365, Private Clouds and on-premise Data Center technologies.

Our 3 major areas of partner enablement are Transformation, Management & Support and Vendor & Asset Management.

We do this by taking a holistic approach to infrastructure transformation no matter if your strategy is to adopt a pure Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud or completely on-premise approach.

Transformation Capabilities

As Cloud transformation has become more prominent, it is difficult for partners to maintain a professional services department that can deal with transformation requirements of various natures. It is often very difficult to build and maintain expertise on this front. This is where our partners can now leverage our resources to transform complex workloads to Cloud in a professional and fixed cost manner. We work with our partners to be as much or as little involved. Some of the Transformation capabilities we offer to our partners are listed below.

Managed Services Capabilities

With service management becoming a challenge with new technologies being introduced every day, partners are also seeking their responsiveness to show value back to their customers. This can become quite hard without investment in the right kind of staff and relying on them to be constantly updated. Our services can enable our partners to take control and de-risk their business while ensuring their clients are supported. We also help partners adopt service automation capabilities internally and for their customers which ensures less dependence on human process interventions. Again, we only involve ourselves as much as we are needed which allows our partner to also take up reactive support blocks that they can use to engage with us. Below you will see a representation of our Managed Services capabilities.

Software Services Capabilities

With all the changes in conditions that vendors impose on partners through their various partners’ programs, it becomes difficult to keep track of these changes, updates, and incentives back to the partners. While managing many customers, often partners tend not to do a good job of dealing with vendor-related benefits, license consumption, optimization, compliance, and support related to these issues. We step in when needed to assist partners to improve their understanding, performance and returns to ensure they remain on top of their vendor engagements.

Introductory Launch Offer

As part of our Launch in the new year 2020 we have also announced our CLOUD INCUBATION LAUNCHPAD, a solution that helps Channel Partners bring onboard customers to Cloud with:
o Cloud Consulting
o Migration to Azure
o Migration to Office 365/Microsoft 365
o Support for up to 6 months.

Visit our offer page here for more details.

At Be Nimble IT we are dedicated to ensuring that our services are timely and professional because your success determines our future and success with you.

We would love to hear from you, so visit our website or email us today and find out how we can work together.

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