Windows Virtual
Desktop (WVD)

Enable your customers to work anytime, anywhere on any device with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Virtual Desktop. Speak to us to find out how we can help you assess, implement and manage your customer’s Windows Virtual Desktop experience while ensuring your organization’s information is kept secure.  

What is Windows Virtual Desktop and Why is it more relevant NOW than before?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is an Azure service which, combined with appropriate Microsoft licenses, other Azure services and resources, delivers a complete virtualized multi-user Windows 10 (or a single-user Windows 7) experience together with Office 365 ProPlus.

We need contentedness with security now more than ever. WVD offers solutions for organizations to continue to work remotely without compromising on user experience and still maintaining stringent control over their organizations valuable data during these unprecedented times. It includes centralized management and monitoring; system administrators can quickly deploy and manage desktops, apps, and Windows servers in the Azure Cloud.

Be Nimble IT helps you determine if WVD is the right choice for your organization and will help you implement, monitor, support the Azure environment and end user requests as required. 

Why Consider WVD?

Be Nimble IT - Security

Security & Regulation

Checks the boxes for industries that require to enforce stringent standards. For example 

Financial Services



Elastic Workforce

Situations where the workforce numbers are constantly changing to meet chaning business demands.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Short Term Employees

Contractor and Partner Access

Specific Employees

Where employees have specific requirements on the go or have device preferences.

BYOD and Mobile

Call Centers

Branch Workers

Be Nimble IT - Workloads

Specialized Workload

Where workloads require on demand and scalable compute power for higher performance.

Design and Engineering

Legacy Apps

Software Dev and Test

Licensing Windows for WVD

You are eligible to access Windows 10 and Windows 7 with Windows Virtual Desktop if you have one of the following licenses*:

  • Microsoft 365 E3/E5
  • Microsoft 365 A3/A5/Student Use Benefits
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5
  • Windows 10 Education A3/A5
  • Windows 10 VDA per user

*Customers can access Windows Virtual Desktop from their non-Windows Pro endpoints if they have a Microsoft 365 E3 /E5 /F1 /Business /A3 /A5 /Student Use Benefits or Windows 10 VDA per user license.

Be Nimble IT - Windows Virtual Desktop - Licensing

Our Approach to WVD


Get a better understanding of industry landscape and applications.

See what's already there and what new may be required.

Detail out a planned approach Gather all prerequisites information, subscriptions and accesses


Deploy Azure infrastructure, choose/build OS images and User profiles

Setup network connectivity, Identity and Storage

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant

Deploy supported application


Implement Management and Monitoring

Discuss scale and experience improvement

Discuss and implement Automation with scripts

Load test your environment from time to time

Costs to Consider in WVD Deployment

Be Nimble IT WVD engagement

Why Be Nimble IT

Get there faster

Leverage our established blueprints, solutions and automation expertise to quickly move to the cloud and achieve a faster time to value.

Reduce Risk

Our security posture and DevOps approach mean getting to the cloud without disruption to your current operations while ensuring compliance and governance.

Cloud Native

Maximize your cloud investment and create an agile IT environment through seamless, continuous integration of new technologies and automation.