End of Service Support Services

Think you do not need to worry when your product vendor announces the end of life of a product you have purchased and currently using? THINK AGAIN!

Upgrade your out of support Microsoft software to the latest version ensuing the care to prevent data loss and minimal-to-no downtime.

What is product End of Life/Service?

When software or an app gets to the decline phase of the product life cycle, the end of life is near. Sometimes closer to the start of the decline and sometimes they hang on to the very end.

  • Major feature releases may be restricted after stated time.
  • Technical support, workarounds, and bug fixes will stop.
  • Support may extend only up to time stated on contracts.
  • Requests for features will not be accepted.
  • Validation of software installs may not work.
  • Official training for the software may no longer be available.

Problems Software End of Service can cause

Security Issues

Without the latest patches and updates, your software can be exposed to threats that can impact your business very hard.

Regulatory Issues

Exposure to security issues can also leave you open to other regulations to keep your data and customer data safe.


Your old software may not be compatible with other latest software essential for your business function.

Decreased Reliability

Over time, you find that the application crashes more often and you lose your work. No more bug fixes.

Outdated Skills

Not enough skills available to support technology that is no longer supported and any support may come at a premium.


All these issues of security time and efforts correspond to money spent on things other than improving delivery.

How We Engage

End of life/Service is the perfect opportunity to look at your environment and help you decide what hardware or software you have to renew or what you take to the cloud and reduce your capital expenditure. This is also the perfect time to think about containerization and introducing DevOps capabilities into your renewed architecture.
Be Nimble IT helps you uncover the potential of modernization through the transformation of your environment along with taking advantage of allowances from vendors with license portability that gives you the much-needed discounts.

Auto Discovery and Assessment

License portability analysis and verification

Lift and Shift Redeployment Containerize

Handover Admin training

Microsoft Windows 2008/R2 and SQL 2008/R2
End of Service

Microsoft Announcements

Microsoft has announced the End-of-life (EOL) for their Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and SQL 2008/2008 R2 products.

But Enterprises using these products still want to continue using them due to:
1. Application compatibility to latest versions.
2. Multi-dependencies within the current solution.
3. Lack of time to plan and a complete upgrade.

More in 2020

Windows 7 Client and Server Deadlines

Extended Security Updates for windows Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/R2 or SQL Server 2008/R2 at $62 per user

Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 2010 will fall out of extended support on October 2020

How We Can Help

  • Lift and shift as-is on to Azure Cloud or Redeploy the entire service

  • Move from IaaS to PaaS offering from your cloud vendor

  • Discuss and plan for Containers and Kubernetes

  • Zero-Point Synchronization to ensure no data loss

  • No code changes required in the application

  • Time, effort and cost savings

  • Minimal planned downtime to ensure production state unaffected

Why Be Nimble IT

Get there faster

Leverage our established blueprints, solutions and automation expertise to quickly move to the cloud and achieve a faster time to value.

Reduce Risk

Our security posture and DevOps approach mean getting to the cloud without disruption to your current operations while ensuring compliance and governance.

Cloud Native

Maximize your cloud investment and create an agile IT environment through seamless, continuous integration of new technologies and automation.