as a Code

Manual recreation of a live environment leaves doors open to a multitude of most likely minor but potentially quite important human errors. With Infrastructure as a Code allows you to be agile with reliable self-provisioned infrastructure.

What is Infrastructure as a Code and Why is it worth adopting?

Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, is a method of writing and deploying machine-readable definition files that generate service components, thereby supporting the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes.

IaC helps IT operations teams manage and provision IT infrastructure automatically through code without relying on manual processes. IaC is often described as “programmable infrastructure”. Here are two main reasons why you need to consider IaC. Consistently configure your traditional infrastructure, all the way through your cloud instances

You can spin up an entire infrastructure just by running a script, this is fast and efficient and allows you to focus on more complicated technologies

Our experience with IaC tools

Our Clients have used our expertise to

Build and implement simple and complex codes for spinning up traditional infrastructure and cloud instances

Assist to integrate Infrastructure as Code into their organization wide automation strategy

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Code

Speed and Efficiency

Spin up an entire infrastructure and other Cloud Services through code for high-fidelity development, testing and staging environments in minutes.

Problem Management

If all compute, storage and networking services are provisioned with code, then they are deployed the same way every time avoiding the need for security gatekeepers

Help desk Services

As code can be version-controlled, IaC ensures any change to the service configuration is documented through the version control process.

Incident Management

Automation, log management, versioning and code reviews lead to fewer errors and less overall downtime, thus improving the entire customer experience

Problem Management

The spinning down of unused resources and environments can be automated, decreasing cloud computing costs and other maintenance expenses.

Help desk Services

Versioning history, Machine Logs on provisioned infrastructure, logs of api calls make investigations and audits go smoother and faster.

Why Be Nimble IT

Get there faster

Leverage our established blueprints, solutions and automation expertise to quickly move to the cloud and achieve a faster time to value.

Reduce Risk

Our security posture and DevOps approach mean getting to the cloud without disruption to your current operations while ensuring compliance and governance.

Cloud Native

Maximize your cloud investment and create an agile IT environment through seamless, continuous integration of new technologies and automation.